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Ha ha have a good laugh with Baby Truck and friends!

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Vroom-vroom! Are you ready to sing your heart out with Gecko and his truck friends? Come and join us at the awesome Gecko’s Garage where we’ll sing all sorts of songs about cars, buses, trucks, and many, many more! Are you ready? Fasten your seat belts and let’s go!

Baby Truck Keeps Falling Down 00:00
Amber Song 03:33
10 Trucks On The Road 06:37
Trevor The Tractor 08:38
Baby Truck Vs Baby Shark Song 10:31
Wheels on the Rainbow Bus 12:28
Learn Colours Song 14:49
5 Little Buses Song 16:52
Boo Boo Song 19:29
Fiona Fire Truck 21:27
Sammy The School Bus 23:30
Rain Rain Go Away 25:34
Drive The Bus 27:32
5 Big Trucks 29:34
Wheels On The Bus 31:14
5 Muddy Trucks 33:20
Wheels On The School Bus 35:10
Rainbow Excavator Song 37:02
Evie The Electric Car Song 38:55

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